“Everyone there is exceptionally nice and helpful. Our first visit there was at 9:45pm for an emergency. Everyone there was extremely caring about our situation and we didn’t feel rushed out of there due to them closing. They took their time, ran all testes possible, and gave us such awesome service. The care that came from Dr. Chahal and the staff was above and beyond anyone could ask for which is why we haven’t left. Each time we walk into the center, the dogs are excited to see him and the staff which tells me alot. I would highly recommend them!!”  

– Christine, Facebook

“One of the best pet clinic in the neighbor hood. Front desk staff are very friendly. As a first time pet owners, Dr Baljit Chahal explained the process on what to feed and what not to feed and one good advice is treat “pet as pet” and suggested very good websites on how to raise a healthy puppy. I would recommend this place all.”  

– Veerraju T, Google

“I’ve been going to Dr. Chahal for at least 10 years, not only for my own dogs and cats but the cats I’ve fostered for 13th St. Cats. I originally selected Dr. Chahal as my vet when he owned Akal Animal Hospital because it was very close to my house. And I hold Dr. Chahal in such high regard that even though Canyon Creek is a bit of a distance for me, I still prefer him over all other vets. I have had him care for my two shih tzus, two poodles, and countless cats and have been happy with his expertise and care. I have never felt rushed, or pressured into a particular path I did not want to go down.  When my shih tzu developed an unusual eye issue, Dr. Chahal did not hesitate to recommend a specialist which was exactly what was needed. My animals mean everything to me and I want the best care I can get for them. I have never felt cheated or disrespected in the slightest by Dr Chahal or his staff, and will continue to have him care for my animals.”  

– Julia O, Yelp

“Easily the best place we could have taken Murphy. They did an awesome job of making him feel welcome and getting him back to normal. They were all very attentive and a willing to answer ALL my questions (I had a lot). I highly recommend this place to anyone needing a great to take care of their loved ones. Thank you Canyon Creek staff!!!” 

– Sam B, Facebook

“Love the puppy care plan. Save me a lot of money on vaccinations. Compassionate staff and beautiful facility!”

– Ryan C, Google

“Let’s talk about Petunia– another one of our miracle kitten recoveries. Petunia was the tiniest little thing and just would not grow!! All her siblings were healthy and happy and moved onto forever homes. Petunia lagged far behind. She alternated between being very constipated or having horrible diarrhea. She was seen by specialists; hospitalized overnight a few times and looked like she would not make it !! Fianlly, the vets at canyon creek were able to diagnose her with a rare parasite- Tritrichomonas foetus — and with a lot of intense nursing care by her foster mom- she started getting better and growing stronger! Many people helped with her care-  held her, cleaned her and fed her. It took a village for sure!! Petunia has now been adopted by an amazing family and continues to be healthy and happy

This post is from 13 th st cat rescue and we are so indebted to this hospital for saving petunia and helping us with so many other rescue kitties over the years.  Dr Chahal and Dr Garcia are amazing and the staff go out of their way to help me! They are professional and polite and I adore them
Thank you !!”  

– Joanne S, Yelp

“Beautiful facilities, very fair prices, and most importantly, excellent veterinary care. The entire staff is friendly and professional -the vets are thorough and they really listen. My senior dog was eager to return and greet the vet- just days after having a dental and extractions! (I don’t like my own docs nearly that much, lol !) I couldnt be happier with Canyon Creek Pet Hospital… I live in another town, so I have many options that are closer to home, but this place is the best and well worth the drive !”  

– Sue C, Facebook

“Came home to my 11 week old boxer puppy not putting weight on her left hind leg. Looked up this clinic today because we had passed by it going to the grocery store before and had discussed checking out this place since we weren’t really fully satisfied with our primary vet. Coincidentally, this was the closest place that was open and near our house so I decided to drop by, no phone call, no appointment or anything. Just walked in and had my poor Leila seen within 5 minuted of filling out the patient intake form and that was with other appts there as well. The lady working the front desk was very friendly and personable as was the Vet (Ms.Dr. Edwards). She performed an exam and informed me the best course of action was to have an X-Ray done to fully see the extent of the injury which I agreed to and good thing I did because turns out Leila had a fractured leg right below her kneecap! Dr. Edwards had her in a splint within 10-15 mins and out the door! Overall experience was great, clinic was very clean and nice looking. Would def recommend this place and will be bringing her here in the future for all our vet needs due to the excellent service received!!!”  

– Xavier W, Google

“Canyon Creek Pet Hospital has done an amazing job. I bring both of my dogs to this clinic. Hershey, my chocolate lab, was diagnosed with a form of cancer that invaded his leg, so my only option was to have his leg amputated. Dr. Chahal kept me at ease and did a great job on the surgery. Melissa, the vet tech, came to my house the  following day to provide care for Hershey. She provided the best care for Hershey. This clinic goes above and beyond.   I highly recommend them. Today Hershey is enjoying life and getting around just fine. Thanks Canyon Creek Pet Hospital for all your wonderful work.”  

– Cat R, Yelp

“I have taken a Guinea Pig, Rat, Dog, and Cat here. All of them received the best care. The staff from the receptionist to the vet techs to the doctors are all top notch. Not only did our pets get premium care, we did as well. The clinic is beautiful and the hours are very accommodating. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Canyon Creek Pet Hospital..”  

– Dana B, Facebook

“Very friendly neighborhood clinic with great flexibility in the hours of operation. They took great care of Snowy.”  

– Sunit R, Google

“We brought in our Cat that was severely burned from the Santa Rosa Fire. We were very short notice with our appointment and needed to be treated asap. Dr. Chahal (and team) were so incredibly amazing and prompt to make us feel calm and welcomed. I cannot say enough good things about the team and were very informative and positive. 10/10 would visit and recommend..”  

– Alexander H, Yelp